Saturday, February 13, 2016

Three Beautiful Things 02/12/16: College Park Diner, Kitten Fight Song, Beer Jackpot!

1. I drove the Deke to Laurel for her annual physical exam -- a 7:30 appointment -- and after I dropped her off at school, I decided to give the College Park Diner a try for breakfast. This was my next stop in my ongoing attempt to find a breakfast place that approximates my favorite spots in Eugene, Kellogg, Coeur d'Alene, and Spokane. I'll go back to the College Park Diner. The coffee was good, the atmosphere was perfectly ordinary, which I enjoyed, and the food came out fast, lightning fast, in fact. The food was all right -- there was nothing special about the sausage patty -- I would have enjoyed a little more adventure. My eggs were cooked beautifully and the hash browns were solid, but I think they'd been frozen, so didn't have the power of freshly grated hash browns. It's rare to find a diner anywhere that serves toast made from really good bread and the rye toast I had was without distinction. After eating at two places in Beltsville that served breakfast on syrofoam plates with plastic forks and knives, I was very pleased to have real dishes and eating utensils this morning!

2. Just before I went to the swimming pool this afternoon, Scott Stuart texted me, wondering if I remembered the words to the Kellogg Junior High School fight song. For Scott and me, junior high was the pinnacle of our public school experience in Kellogg and we go down memory lane a lot. So, I did my best to remember the words to the Kitten fight song -- yes, the high schoolers were the purple and gold Kellogg Wildcats -- in junior high we were the red and white Kellogg Kittens. We were filled with Kitten Pride. I motivated myself  to continue my exercise regimen in the pool thanks to the inspiring Kitten fight song.  It went something like this:

We're going to fight fight fight for red white
We're going to win this game today
We're going to fight fight fight with all our might
For victory will come our way today.
We're going to win win win this basketball game
For victory is our cry
Victory junior high!

3. The Deke and I hit the jackpot at the Old Line Fine Wine and Spirits store.  Before we went back to the bistro for dinner, we checked out the beer offerings in the store.  They had cans of Bell's Hopslam. I've been reading a lot about Hopslam lately and customers at Old Line were limited to three cans a piece ($4.49 a can!) and we purchased our limit.  We figured they'd be out of the Stone Enjoy by 2-14 Black IPA, but NO! One bottle remained. We snatched it. Then, I spied a six pack of a Cambridge, Maryland beer that a guy wrote about as his preference over Hopslam or Troeg's Nugget Nectar --YES! There they were.  Six packs of RaR (Realerevival)'s Nanticoke Nectar.  We have some most enjoyable beer sipping hours ahead of us!   

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