Monday, February 29, 2016

Three Beautiful Things 02/27/16: On the Boardwalk, Dog Care, Childhood Friends

1. Ed and I staggered into the rental car and pointed it north and drove to Atlantic City, NJ. We found a city in decline as we walked the boardwalk and stopped in at a few casinos. Everything was rundown. We were both glad we made the trip and that we experienced this place we'd both heard so much about over the years, but I know the only reason I would ever go back might be to go on a photography outing or to drive on south and see other places along the New Jersey shore.

2. As it turned out, all of the adults in our family were out of town today.  The Deke traveled to Nyack, NY to see Adrienne. The Diazes went to Virginia Beach for a reunion with friends from Georgia. Ed and I went to Atlantic City. Maggie and Charly were alone at the Diazes. So I went over and fed them and took them outside and because I couldn't transport them in the rental car, left them overnight at the Diazes, sorry they would be spending the night alone.

3. Ed and I decided we wanted one more burger at Bobby's Burger Palace at the Maryland Live! casino so we buzzed the twenty-five minutes or so up the road, stood in a longish line to order, arrived at the counter, and the man in front of us offered to buy our dinner. I couldn't accept at first, but then he explained that he had 100 bucks of free food coming because he was a Black Card member and that he and his friend couldn't eat 100 bucks worth of food. So, Ed and I accepted and we sat at a table with Tony and Juanita and shot the breeze for a while. It turns out that Tony and Juanita were childhood friends from Baltimore just like Ed and I are boyhood friends from the Silver Valley, so Juanita took a selfie of the four of us that she titled, "Childhood Friends".  Here we are:

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