Friday, February 19, 2016

Three Beautiful Things 02/18/16: Taxes Done, Nick's Diner, Planning for Ed

1. I made a smallish miscalculation regarding my tax debt to the state of Maryland, so we will be paying them some more money, but we also will be getting money back from the IRS and Oregon, so I'm happy to report that when it comes to our 2015 taxes, we didn't get any alarming news.  I'll take my Maryland lumps, adjust my estimated payments to the Old Line State, and try to come out closer to even next year.

2.  As a reward for getting the taxes done, I drove over to Wheaton where I learned there's an old diner and I gave it a try.  It's called Nick's Diner. It's a cash only spot. It's at the corner of University Blvd. and Viers Mill Rd. The food was just fine, not remarkable. As with many diners, the toast was a disappointment. I enjoyed my sausage and eggs and home fries.  I liked being in this little family run place with its long counter and tiny dining table space and friendly help. I'll go back.

3. Ed will be arriving at Baltimore Washington Thurgood Marshall International Airport this coming Tuesday and tonight I reserved us 48 hours worth of hop on, hop off bus time and tickets to tour the U. S. Capitol Building on Wednesday. Friday we'll hit the road -- and maybe on Saturday, too. Casinos, Annapolis, Chesapeake Bay, eastern Maryland, the Atlantic Ocean -- we'll get in as much as we can.

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