Friday, November 17, 2006

Three Beautiful Things 10/17/06: Dog, Fog, Puppy Love

1. My Springer Spaniel Snug and the Deke's Corgi Charly are a year apart in age and wrestle in the living room and the back yard, having learned the limits of how far they can go and not hurt each other and keep their romping playful.

2. As I puttered in my Honda over the 30th Ave. hill, the valley below me, where Lane Community College sits, was quilted in fog. At first I appreciated the beauty of the denotative fog, but it also seemed connotative, representative of the conditions we sometimes work in, and some of the beauty dissipated.

3. Young love. A fresh young man and his fresh young girlfriend, holding hands, each in gray and green Univerisity of Oregon T-shirts, bounded up the stairs outside the Center building in perfect step with each other and didn't seem to see me coming down.

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