Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Three Beautiful Things 11/14/06: Santana, Tielsa, Snoring

1. Grading papers in Tutor Central, listening to Santana's Abraxas on Napster, with my headphones, and falling asleep with that wonderful music somehow serving as a serenade.

2. Tielsa came by my office and caught me up on what's happening in her life and gave me a picture of her and me smiling broadly in our academic gear at last spring's graduation ceremony. Tielsa looks stunningly radiant, so beautiful, so proud of her achievement.

3. During the Othello cast's read through of the play, in Sparky's studio, Scott came upstairs, lay down, fell asleep, and snored, providing a comical backdrop to the tragic action of Othello.

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