Saturday, November 25, 2006

Three Beautiful Things 11/25/06: Kidding, Clobbering, Quiet

1. My sister Carol laughed when I said I'd get the $50.00 I owe her for a gift to her by the Fourth of July.

2. USC thrashed Notre Dame 44-24 and it brought back memories of the miraculous 1974 Trojan victory when USC erased a 24-7 halftime deficit and won 55-24, thanks largely to the four touchdowns scored by Anthony Davis.

3. For a couple of hours tonight the Deke was out knitting with a friend; I was home with the dogs and we were all so quiet at one point I forgot the dogs were in the house except that I could feel their presence and my connection to them, almost as if I were wrapped in a feather bed.

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