Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Three Beautiful Things 11/28/06: Relieved, Vanessa, Leftovers

1. Finishing a bureaucratic task in my job at Lane Community College, that had been a worm gnawing at my conscience for weeks.

2. Sweet, lovely Vanessa was working at Dutch Bros. Coffee early this evening where Snug and I went at the midpoint of our walk, and she fixed me a piping hot egg nog latte and told me she changed her hair color because she was tired of being a blonde and how much she enjoyed her recent visit to Hawaii. I hadn't seen Vanessa since the beginning of summer and I enjoyed knowing she's still working at Dutch Bros.

3. The Deke fixed a sweet potato casserole for Thanksgiving and tonight we ate most of what was left of it, and the Thursday to Tuesday refrigeration deepened the apple, pecan, sweet potato, and butter flavors and it was at least twice as tasty as it had been on Thanksgiving Day.

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Unknown said...

Hey! I know Vanessa, I work with her mom at TJ's. That's funny..