Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Three Beautiful Things 11/22/06: Comp, Cute, Coming Home Off

1. My best English Composition students are breaking free of robotic, school-driven ways of writing and are beginning to write with free minds as a way to bring about an understanding of ideas that matter to them.

2. Our division's adminstrative coordinator, Linda, and I had a big laugh after she complimented a student about how cute her umbrella was and I told Linda that I hadn't noticed the umbrella, but how cute the girl under the umbrella was. We agreed that we were both people who looked at the opposite sex, but only look.

3. My mother was relieved that I decided not to come home to Kellogg for Thanksgiving Day because now she wouldn't worry about me if the roads got snowy or icy.

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JBelle said...

The Oregon delegation made it safely here and sleeps this morning. sigh. Life is good. Happy Thanksgiving.