Saturday, September 1, 2007

Three Beautiful Things 08/31/07: Helen, Lila, Resurrection

1. Family day: Mom and I drove to Moscow to have a birthday lunch with Helen, Mom's ninety-two year old cousin and Helen's sister, Joan. Ninety-two years old. She was born the year former Governor Frank Steunenberg was killed, bringing the mining wars of the Coeur d'Alene Mining District to a climax. I can't explain quite why that stops my breath.

2. Family day: After lunch, Mom and I drove from Moscow to Orofino to visit her sister Lila. We had dinner at the Ponderosa with Lila's daughter Lura and her husband Lyle. The Ponderosa was abuzz with happy customers dining on prime rib, club sandwiches, chicken fried steaks, reuben sandwiches, weak coffee, and, in my neck of the Ponderosa, a bacon cheeseburger with fries and a two ton Diet Pepsi.

3. I'm staying at the Riverside Inn across the Clearwater River from Orofino. It's a shabby looking place with tiny, porchless units. But, inside the room, evidence is everywhere of an effort to clean up this place. The room is freshly painted, the bathroom has new fixtures and a new linoleum floor, the bed is made with crisp white cotton sheets. When I returned to my room after dinner, the electricity was out because of a might wind storm that blew down trees that snapped power lines around seven in the evening. I made my way around by light of my cell phone!


Carol Woolum Roberts said...

I'm really sure Joan is Helen's sister, not daughter. I don't think Helen had any kids. Sounds like you had some nice family time. I'm glad you and Mom could go.

raymond pert said...

Corrected, SVG.

I'm so out of it.

Christy Woolum said...

I look forward to hearing about the trip. I think I can picture that motel. Where did you find wireless?

Pinehurst in my Dreams said...

I would bet you really like bacon cheeseburgers. This is the second post in a row where you mentioned eating them. . .How's that for detective work?