Sunday, September 9, 2007

Three Beautiful Things 09/08/07: YakYak, Loud Girls, Scanner

1. Ed and Jake and I got together for breakfast at the Silver Spoon and, as if I needed it, I remembered yet again what I miss by not living in Kellogg: a good breakfast with good friends talking about the ins and outs of behind the scenes life in Shoshone County. I'll miss this a lot again when I return to Eugene.

2. Coco had nine friends over for her birthday party and it was wonderful listening to them play Capture the Flag in the back yard and hearing all their laughter and loud talk as they moved from one activity to the next with contemporary teen music blaring over the cd player.

3. I sorted out and began scanning dozens of pictures Mom has at her house and began to devise all sorts of ways those pictures could help this blog.

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