Monday, September 17, 2007

Three Beautiful Things 09/17/07: Feng Shui, Dim Light, Upgrade

1. Back to work today. News to catch up on. Good conversations. I thought I'd left my office clean when I took off for the summer. Wrong. I started. I didn't finish. Until today. It really felt good. My office is really taking shape.

2. Jay told me and Dan that our college president said in her speech this morning that budgetary matters looked difficult but there was light at the end of the tunnel. I said, "Even if it's a forty watt bulb." Dan and Jay laughed really hard.

3. I ordered a new camera tonight, a Powershot A640. I have dropped my other camera one too many times and although it works, I decided to take the opportunity of my other camera being a little sluggish as an excuse to upgrade. It won't be my last upgrade. I'm going to learn more about this camera, learn more about taking pictures, try to save some money, and eventually buy a camera fit not for a hobbyist but an enthusiast!


Jen B said...

40 watt bulb, good one! LOL

Dubya said...

Wait, what?!?

Ain't a 40 watt bulb a good thing?!?

Man, I gotta talk with my daddy 'bout changin' his nickname fer me!