Saturday, September 8, 2007

Three Beautiful Things 09/07/07: Meatloaf, Gentle Leader, Burn

1. Tonight was the last summer evening of dinner with Mom. She whipped up a dandy: meatloaf, baked potatoes, acorn squash, French bread, and salad. This would constitute, for me, the perfect dinner.

2. I'm slow to learn. Snug is overly rambunctious in Silver Valley Girl's house. Finally, a few days ago, I decided that when he's indoors, Snug will either be on the gentle leader with me in control or he'll be with me behind the closed door of the guest room. It's been a relief to have Snug under better control, not running through the house, not eating dog or cat food that's not his, and not hassling Silver Valley Girl's dog, Peaches.

3. The second degree burn I suffered when my leg hit against Scott's motorcycle's exhaust pipe is healing. It's still red and somewhat tender, but the blistered area is beginning to scab over and the injury seems to be responding to my First Aid.


David Edward said...

glad your burn is healing
gen T le leader - a good thing for dogs, no matter how it is spelled. hehe

i am the worst typist.

raymond pert said...

Thanks, David for the typo help. I wrote these 3bthings as I was going to sleep last night and it showed!

The burn is, indeed, coming along nicely and without much pain.

Christy Woolum said...

Isn't this your second year with a burn from a motorcycle? The dinner sounded like pure Mom style. Snug was trying to tell you he was missing his buddies in Eugene I guess.