Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Three Beautiful Things 09/19/07: Poem, Coffee, Muffin

1. Debbie liked Dan's poem about his granddaughter so much she copied it out and went to visit Dan's office to introduce herself and talk about the poem.

2. Hope/Faith/Charity and I talked about a wide range of things over coffee: Dorianne Laux to mortgage rates.

3. I hadn't been to Great Harvest for months. Alice works there. I don't know her. But, she has ragged on me for different Great Harvest faux pas I've committed: I bought too many muffins once without a pre order; I used my credit card once on an order too small for the credit card -- I've committed other crimes against Great Harvest. BUT, today, we had a lovely exchange about the change of the seasons and how she enjoys whatever season she is in and never wishes it were another season and told her that's the way to live and we parted on the best terms ever today. Oh..I really enjoyed my apple raisin muffin and coffee, too!


Hope said...

And I'd love to do it again sometime.

Desert Diva said...

At least you have a Great Harvest. We do have a nice little coffee shop where I live with nice homemade muffins and scones. I love the coffee in Oregon (along with the marionberries).

Great photos of the beach (I was there just a scant two months ago) with "Snug." I didn't trust my terrier-mix off-leash since she loved to chase the gulls.

Could you explain the origins of "Sibling Assignment" and "Three Beautiful Things?"