Friday, September 14, 2007

Three Beautiful Things 09/14/07: King Lear Experts, Into the World, Mystery Procrastination

1. Don Wall Scott Pedro Roderigo Albany Shirk came by the house today to talk about how the King Lear production is coming along at Lane Community College and we had a grand time shooting the breeze, drinking a cup of coffee, and pulling together all the threads of intrigue and meaning in Shakespeare's King Lear. Not bad for an hour of conversation.

2. I ventured out of the house in Eugene for the first time since returning home. It was good. I did some banking and some drugstoring and started to regain my sense of direction in this goofy town of Eugene.

3. I love getting caught up on home business things that need my attention. I took care of one of those projects today and next up is a project I've been putting off for several months that will be a major relief to finish up.

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