Thursday, September 27, 2007

Three Beautiful Things 09/26/07: Tears, Sarah's Back, Silence

1. I had to hide behind the classroom's projector and sound system console today while the credits ran at the end of the short film "Family Tree". I wanted to shed the tears that movie draws from me in private.

2. Sarah was born in Silverton and was raised in Pinehurst and left the Silver Valley to come to Eugene and go to school. She was in my WR 121 class in the fall of 1999 and experienced the fear and dread of my near fatal bout with meningitis. She's retaking the course. And here she is, eight years later, sitting in the front of my MWF WR 121 class, back in school, determined to get into the nursing program. A lot of history has passed between us.

3. Kendra wrote me that she and her husband were moved by my poem, "Free". Her husband worked in the Sunshine Mine. So did his father. His grandfather was killed in the 1972 fire. They read the poem and paused for a moment of silence together to honor the men who were lost.

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