Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Three Beautiful Things 09/04/07: Benewah Beauty, Blue Lagoon, Silver Spoon Cuisine

1. I just can't resist driving from Kellogg to St. Maries and around the area. Snug and I had a relaxing drive together today. I don't think he is as enthralled by the Chain Lakes and the cool shadowed highway, but he did stay very content the whole drive.

2. Tim, a KHS classmate, asked me to take some pictures of the Blue Lagoon, a tavern on Highway 3, near Medimont, that his brother was running until he went out of business. They are selling the Blue Lagoon. I was happy to make the photo shoot part of my outing with Snug.

3. Jeri and Jodi left Mom's house this morning after a four night stay. I had breakfast at the Silver Spoon with Jeri, Jodi, and our friend, Rhonda and not only enjoyed my German sausage, hashbrown, eggs, and toast breakfast, but very much enjoyed the stories about life in Kellogg over the years that buzzed around our table!

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