Friday, September 14, 2007

Three Beautiful Things 09/13/07: Puppy Love, Desk Magic, Decade with the Deke

1. Can love be put on a numerical 1-10 scale? I'll pretend it can. My love for Snug is 10. Now, back in Eugene, I'm back with the Corgis. I love being back with them. My love for them? 9.99999999999999. . . on into infinity. It's a tight love race with the dogs!

2. Before I left Eugene to stay in Kellogg for two months, I dedicated a couple or three days to straightening and organizing my office space. What a joy to come back to that space and work at it today! While away I purchased a scanner and an external hard drive and my newly organized desk has room for laptop, printer, scanner, external hard drive, XM Radio receiver, and Bose speakers. I never in all my life dreamed that I'd be able to listen to music or baseball games or the BBC, store sick amounts of gigabytes of data, scan pictures from all phases of my life, publish a blog, and print CNET photo tip tutorials all in one modest-sized space. (Jeez. If I look to my right, there's our cheap television and cheap DVD player and I just have to insert a shiny disc and a movie appears for my enjoyment.)

3. Speaking of scanning. I was going through a desk drawer and looking at pictures. The Deke and I started messing around with each other ten years ago, at just the same time she was releasing her second CD, "Ninety Miles Out", a masterpiece of writing, playing, and singing. She had a friend take photographs of her for the album cover, and, although this one didn't make the cut, it's one of my favorites and reminds me of when the Deke and were young kids in our mid-forties!

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A View Through said...

Hey more bugging you about Lear, but I was wondering what type of scanner you bought...I'm in the market for one myself.