Sunday, November 1, 2009

Three Beautiful Things 11/01/09: Writing Day, Deke Laughs, Soup Pleasure

1. When was the last time I spent a whole day writing? It really felt good to get caught up on my blog writing, especially completing the Sibling Assignments that have been hovering over me for quite a while. I'll pay for this day, though, tomorrow when I have to dive into the school work I did not do this weekend. Always trade offs...

2. It was fun showing the Deke my Wuthering Sacred Heart photos. She got a kick out of how I portray Sacred Heart as a creepy place. Russell likes what he's seen so far, too. I need to get more of those pictures up on Facebook.

3. The Deke threw together a really good tomato and ground beef other stuff soup. It was filling and warming and refreshing: what could I ask from a soup?

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