Saturday, November 7, 2009

Three Beautiful Things 11/06/09: Talking it Up, Poker Room, Back to the Future

1. I was done with my official school job duties at 12:30, but I decided to dung out my office a bit. Hanging around opened the way for a great conversation with Michael about nothing/noting in Shakespeare's "Much Ado About Nothing" and then, whoa!, Dan appeared -- haven't seen Dan since March and was it ever fun to talk about the world and life and school and everything else with him. Made me think I shouldn't always be in such a rush to leave the workplace......

2. Hey, Jake! Thanks for sending me all the poker tournament information and it was heartening to know you continue to read this blog. I might, one day, just take your recommendation and venture out to Coburg and try the poker room you so enthusiastically suggested.

3. Sometimes to move forward I have to go back. I'm wondering if ways I taught composition fifteen, twenty years ago might not conform better with what I understand should be happening in our composition courses in the year 2010.


inlandempiregirl said...

Ater recent conversations with my students from so many years ago, I am humbled by what stayed with them these thirty years. It has reminded me to go back and keep those elements in my teaching.

Anonymous said...

What's that old quote about it being necessary at times to go backward a long way to come forward a short way, correctly? See, I was listening in class!