Thursday, November 12, 2009

Three Beautiful Things 11/11/09: Meniversary, Wireless Awe, Student/Teacher Similarity

1. I suppose I could look up the exact date, but, meh, I'm not. I just know that it was this week ten years ago that I was hospitalized with bacterial meningitis and I'm glad I'm here today, grading papers, playing online poker, enjoying Snug warming my feet, and having conversations on the cell phone with the Deke as she made her way to and arrived in Chicago.

2. Speaking of the Deke, I'm old enough and still accustomed enough to wires to marvel at the fact that the Deke called me on her cell phone to mine to tell me she was disoriented in Chicago, I, with my wireless internet connection, left an online poker game with players from Indonesia, the Phillipines, Indiana, Greece, India, and Macedonia, jumped over to, pulled up a map of Chicago, located where Debbie called from, and helped her with directions. Maybe some of you arer used to this. I'm still in the miracle phase.

3. I've been reading comments my students have written on a forum regarding what they need to work on to be better students. I suddenly realized that the very things they struggle with to succeed as students are the things I struggle with to succeed as a teacher...procrastination, distraction, outside demands, being a good friend and family member....I read their comments about how they think they can improve...well, me too...Lordy, me too.....

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