Friday, November 13, 2009

Three Beautiful Things 11/13/09: Clarence is Growing, G is on Fire, Pot Roast Uplift

1. I had a good session with Clarence, going over his essay sentence by sentence, helping him see that his thinking and insights are very good and once he gets some structural matters improved upon, he'll be writing really good essays.

2. I think I helped G. understand how he might write his next essay. He's on fire, working to understand the dishonorable actions of our government toward the Sioux in the 19th century. It'll be his version of a paper on honor/dishonor in relation to living a lie/living truth.

3. Pot roast with Tobasco sauce, fried potatoes with Tobasco sauce, green beans with a little salt and lettuce and cherry tomatoes with creamy Blue Cheese dressing. It was a nice dinner I fixed myself and gave me a lift after a tiring day at work.

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