Sunday, November 15, 2009

Three Beautiful Things 11/14/09: Cemetery, Mac Court, Checker Fatigue

1. Russell and I toured the Pioneer Cemetery on the U of O campus and took photographs. It was a perfect day and place for pictures at the cemetery: gray, leaves and needles strewn about, plenty of light, but none of it sunny. I'm not sure what I think of my pictures yet, but the conditions were perfect for the kind of pictures I like to take: sad ones.

2. Russell and I then watched the Ducks men's basketball team play Cal-Davis. It was a mismatch. I found my attention happily wandering to my enjoyment of Mac Court, the structure, character, history of the old house. Over the last thirty years I've attended quite a few basketball games in Mac Court and I've always loved the girders, grunginess, stale smells, and memories. I even used to enjoy registering for classes in Mac Court back in grad. school. So I took pictures of stairs and girders and brooms and mops and things falling apart after the game. I'm not sure what I think of my pictures yet, but the subject matter was perfect.

3. I really enjoy grocery shopping during a Duck's home football game. The store is nearly empty. This evening's checker was worn out. She didn't speak at all. I appreciated that, but I wanted time to start to fly so she could get off her feet and go home and get some rest or go out and have a few beers. I think she was too tired to even speak. I enjoyed being left alone, but hated seeing her be so tired.

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