Monday, November 16, 2009

Three Beautiful Things 11/15/09: Stubb's, Snug Grading Bliss, The House of World Lit.

1. I forgot to mention that yesterday I soaked a Trader Joe's pork loin cut in about a quarter of a bottle of Stubb's pork marinade. Today I threw that meat and three spuds in the oven and enjoyed them with some fried yellow zucchini like squash.

2. I had a great day grading student essays, made all the more pleasant by having Snug press himself against my thigh and hip as we shared the couch. Total bliss.

3. I loved my World Lit. students' papers. They seem to be entering into the spiritual zone the ancient writers invite us to reside in, to live the mysteries of human existence. I think many of them enjoy living there. I always wonder at the end of a course: will my students take up permanent residence in this wonderful house or will they be visitors who enjoy the hospitality of Rumi and Homer and the others, and move on.


myrtle beached whale said...

I went into the cabinet and selected a can of Campbell's tomato soup. I combined it with an equal amount of tapwater and heated it on the stovetop to approximately 200 degrees. I poured half of it into a small bowl and crumbled in some Saltine crackers. I selected an ice-cold bottle of Kirkland spring water and consumed it while I watched Judge Joe Brown try two cases. The plaintiffs won both cases. It was very satisfying.

raymond pert said...

Too bad you didn't have time to take a loaf of white bread out, unwrap a couple slices of American cheese, and make yourself a toasted cheese sandwich. Goes great with Campbell's tomato soup. And, I'm sure, Judge Brown.

marry said...

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