Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Three Beautiful Things 11/10/09: Between the Lines: NO, Cada is King, Winco Chicken

1. I wonder, as I point out to my WR 121 students, that what Dan O'Brien wants us to understand and experience in Buffalo for the Broken Heart is not between the lines. It's right there, in the lines, in the words, if we listen. He writes about what constitutes an honorable life and he explains how connectedness powers or fuels existence. Honoring, submitting to, working with connectedness -- that's at the heart of living honorably, according to O'Brien. He doesn't come right out and say it, but it's right there, in his lines of prose, in his words, in the connections he invites us to make. It's not between the lines.

2. Anne and Russell invited me to their house to watch the final table of the WSOP and it was fun, especially as Darvin Moon made his way to the final showdown with the youngster Joe Cada. Yeah, I was for the logger over the kid, but the kid fought back from near elimination and won the championship title.

3. Russell was right. Winco fried chicken rocks. I ate about 90 pieces while watching the WSOP. I may have to beeline out there and get some for here at home.

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