Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Three Beautiful Things 11/03/09: Gut Spill Time, Painful Essay, Living Lies

1. The spirit moved me and I spilled my guts to my WR 121 class regarding my love of inquiry and ideas and that I see the purpose of going to college as first and foremost to learn more fully what it is to be human. I probably sounded like a blithering old man, but it helped burn some carbon off my spiritual valves.

2. I had a great time with L. going over the places where her essay needed punctuation correction. It was a deeply moving essay, filled with pain, honesty, and determination.

3. Buffalo for the Broken Heart is about the terrible consequences of lying to oneself, whether on a social, cultural, or individual basis. Living lies causes widespread damage. Repairing it is hard work. I hope my students will join me in coming to understand what a profound truth Dan O'Brien is getting at.

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