Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Three Beautiful Things 11/09/09: Be Confused, Coleman Barks, Bacon/Salmon Dish

1. I put forward the thought to my World Literature students that when they hear the Tao or read The Ramayana and say, "I'm confused" that that probably means they are getting it. After all, these wisdom stories and writings shake us out of our conditioned ways of thinking and seeing the world and when we feel confused by them, it's a recognition that something different is before us and is the prelude to an awakening, to being enlightened in a new way.

2. It's been a year or so since I watched Coleman Barks being interviewed by Bill Moyers and listened to him read Rumi's poems with Paul Winter's accompaniment. S.u.b.l.i.m.e.

3. A few weeks ago I fixed salmon patties wrapped with bacon strips served with rice. Tonight I thought why not throw it all together. I fried bacon. When it was close to done I tossed a half a bag of frozen green beans in the pan, let those warm up, and then three Trader Joe's salmon patties. I squirted lemon juice over the fish, seasoned it with Greek seasoning, warmed up leftover rice in the microwave, threw it all together, and peppered it. I'll resign all humbleness for a second: it was really good.

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