Sunday, January 31, 2016

Three Beautiful Things 01/30/16: Costco Mob Scene, Flopping Around in the Pool, Awesome Party at Old Line

1. We didn't do or buy anything special -- just the same old stuff -- broccoli, cauliflower, butter, sweet onioins, almond butter, mushrooms, etc. etc. -- at Costco, but it was fun just piling in the Sube with the Deke and heading over to Beltsville and joining the Saturday Costco mob scene.

2. I enjoyed flopping around in the pool this afternoon, jogging in place, doing jumping jacks, running my version of water wind sprints, stretching, cross country skiing, and swimming a few laps. I enjoyed seeing pre-school children taking swimming lessons with their tender parents cradling them in the water.

3. I returned from the pool and the Deke and I made a spontaneous decision to go back to Beltsville to the Old Line Bistro to split a burger and enjoy a beer or two. We had fun and lively conversation all evening long with Laura, our twenty-something server who not only took care of us but enjoyed us old buzzards. The Deke and I split a Breaking Bad burger -- it's a monster of a sandwich -- half a pound of ground brisket with seasoned shrimp, bacon, avocado, pepper jack cheese, onion, and dill pickle and sides of homemade potato chips and house Parmesan truffle fries.  I enjoyed my pint of Jenny Greenteeth, a solid English-style IPA created as a collaboration between Starr Hill and DC Brau and then the Deke and I split a snifter of a boozy figgy pudding-styled dessert beer from Three Stars Brewing in Washington, D. C. called Madness Old Stock Ale. We enjoyed it so much we ordered a second snifter to split.  I loved how its flavors of figs and raisins and dates became more pronounced as the beer warmed up. It was a great way to finish a fine meal -- well, that, and our great conversations with Laura and the sudden appearance of a guy with a bagpipe popping up out of nowhere and playing while leading another kilted man with some kind of food on a platter back to one of Old Line's banquet rooms. I'll quote the Deke who proclaimed, as we filed back to the Sube:  "That was an awesome party."

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