Monday, May 2, 2016

Three Beautiful Things 05/01/16: Reading and Knitting, Gratitude at Quench, Fantastic Dinner at the Diazes

1.  Turns out the Deke and I are compatible travelers when it come time to be leavin' on a jet plane. We both love leaving for the airport early so that if we hit any snags, there is no panic.  This morning, we took off way early for the Detroit airport. We gave ourselves plenty of time to negotiate the unexpected exit closure and detour. We had plenty of time to return our rental car and catch the shuttle to the airport.  We hadn't checked in online before arriving at the airport and we had plenty of time to go up to the desk, check in, check our suitcase through (we both hate carrying suitcases on to the plane!), and fly through security. THEN, we had plenty of time to enjoy a snack and a coffee at Starbucks and to get a lot of reading and knitting done while we waited to board the plane.

I got to thinking about how fidgety and restless the Deke and I aren't -- never once, as we waited to board the plane, did we ever feel the desire to pace, shake pocket change, or grumble about having arrived so early.

I read Unbroken.

The Deke knit.

We were content.

2. Once we collected our suitcase at BWI, we stepped outside to where the BWI parking shuttles board passengers and rode to the long term parking lot, found the Sube, and headed down I-95 and across MD 200 to New Hampshire Ave. where we strode happily into the taproom at Quench and I enjoyed some beer from California I'd never heard of and can't now remember the name of and the Deke had some white wine.  It was enjoyable to hoist a drink in gratitude that we traveled so well together, that all went smoothly, and that we got to help Phylllis celebrate 90 good years of being alive and loving life.

3. If I am wrong, I hope Molly or Hiram will correct me, but I do believe that awesome carry out food that awaited the Deke and me when we arrived at the Diazes was from Maurya Kebabs and Curries located in the Maryland Farms Shopping Center on Cherry Hill Road. Wow.  Did I ever enjoy the curried chickpeas, the basmati rice, the incredible chicken dishes, and the samosas. Such delicious food brought our eventful weekend to a perfect conclusion. So, the Deke and I piled the corgis into the backseat and headed home, wishing that Monday did not mean the beginning of another week of noise and testing and administrative micro-managing for the Deke at her school. . . . but feeling like we've got it pretty good being able to get away to celebrate Phyllis' birthday and living in a place where it's just not that difficult to see family in Illinois, Michigan, New York, New Jersey, or Indiana -- as well as right here in Maryland -- AND be able to get away to Idaho and Oregon on occasion....

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