Friday, May 27, 2016

Three Beautiful Things 05/26/16: Worship and Flopping, Lemon Broccoli Pasta, Figuring out Friday

1. Working out at the Greenbelt Aquatic Center's pool is similar to worshiping as an Episcopalian. It is satisfying not because it's an electric experience or not because new things happen every time, but because of the repetition, of the way prayers and readings and hymns and movement in the pool with the noodle become a part of the regular rhythm of my body and spirit. So, I went to the pool and flopped and splashed around today, deeply satisfied by the regularity of my workout.

2. I found a recipe for lemon broccoli pasta today and went to the Co-op and picked up a box of rigatoni, broccoli, a couple of lemons, some spinach, and some Parmesan cheese. I boiled the pasta, adding the broccoli to the pot with about three minutes to go, drained it, and tossed in the spinach and the zest of a lemon, stirred it, and let it sit while I melted butter, added garlic, crushed red pepper, and, a little later, lemon juice to it, poured the lemon-garlic butter over the pasta/broccoli/spinach and, presto!, the Deke and I had a fine bowl of food for dinner.

3.  Danielle and her friend -- whose name I don't know just yet -- will be arriving to visit us Friday late in the morning and our hope was to head to a brewery and sample some beers. I have looked forward to introducing Danielle to some of the breweries I've enjoyed over the last year or so.  None of my favorite tasting rooms, however, open on Friday until later in the afternoon -- BUT, there is a brewpub in Ellicott City, about 20 minutes from the airport. I've never been there, but I am kind of excited by the prospect of having lunch at the Ellicott Brewing Company and having a taste or two of their beers, adding this joint to my slowly growing list of breweries I've visited.

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