Saturday, May 21, 2016

Three Beautiful Things 05/20/16: 2016 - A Cherokee Odyssey, Sunny Laundry Day, Corgi Uproar

1. It was almost like when John Glenn orbited the earth three times on February 20, 1962. Remember the suspense? Checking the television or radio reports to learn he'd made his second orbit, then his third, and learning he'd splashed down successfully? This morning, Cosette, who served as pilot, Christy, and Mom launched off from Kellogg in Christy's Jeep Cherokee and began their arduous odyssey to Caldwell, ID for the occasion of Zoe's graduation from the College of Idaho. I was concerned about how Mom would hold up on such a long mission and Christy, as if she were reporting dispatches for CBS news on John Glenn's flight, kept me posted by text message as they stopped in Ritzville, lunched in Kennewick, took a rest at the Stanfield rest area, passed through Baker City, and splashed down in Caldwell. As best I could tell, Mom, with the aid of Reese's candy and, I'm sure, the goodwill of Christy and Cosette, completed the epic journey in comfort.  I was relieved.

Christy, Cosette, and Mom Launching Off from Kellogg 

2. After (nearly) forty days and nights of rain here in the greater DC-opolis, today we had a day of sunshine and the temperature shot over 70 for the first time this month.  It was a glorious day and I took full advantage of it by staying in all day, doing about 600 loads of laundry. The rain returns on Saturday.  Then I'll go out and have some fun.

3. At about 8:00 this evening, I got my courage up.  I could have put cotton balls in my ears, but I forgot we had a bag of cotton balls in the hall closet. I put the corgis in their crate, closed the door to the back bedroom, and, yes, I vacuumed the living room, hall, and front bedroom. I tried to be deft and swift, making my every move count, so that I could finish quickly and bring the din of corgi scream barking to an end. Had you seen me darting around our apartment home with our silver Shark, you would have seen a sonnet in motion. I turned off the Shark, felt sudden dread, fearing that the corgis' behavior had degenerated into a bare knuckle MMA cage fight, but, no, they were just screaming and when I released them they ran aimlessly like jack rabbits throughout our apartment home, but soon realized the cleaning crisis was over, and I took them outside where they calmly, and with great relief on their faces, did their business.

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