Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Three Beautiful Things 05/03/16: Blood Draw, Working Out Alone, Steve Jaynes is Improving

1.  I arrived at the lab a couple hours early for my blood draw on the off chance that they weren't busy and could get me in early and my small gamble paid off.  I got in almost right away and now I'll just return in a month so that the UM Transplant Center can continue to receive a monthly sample of my blood.

2. I returned to the swimming pool today and did my best to replicate the workout I go through when I go to class on Monday mornings. Today's workout was very satisfying and relaxing.

3. A good friend I grew up with in Kellogg, Steve Jaynes, suffered a torn aorta and has been in the Caridiac Instensive Care Unit in Cd'A for several weeks. Today, I got a text message from Scott Stuart that was encouraging -- Steve is recovering, will be out of CICU later this week, it looks like, is eating regular food, and is working with a physical therapist. He's been through a tough time and it's heartening to know that he is gradually getting better.

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