Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Three Beautiful Things 05/02/16: Moving My Mortal Shell, In Search Of, Fall Back Food

1. I was back in the pool today flopping and splashing around, getting the heart rate going up a bit, stretching some muscles, and trying to keep this mortal shell I live in moving.

2. Searching at the Co-op, Safeway,two CVS stores, and Target for some allergy medicine for the Deke helped me get in almost 5000 steps today, a good number, especially in tandem with the pool exercising. I never found the medicine a parent recommended she buy, but it looks like what I did buy is giving the Deke some relief and she said tonight she was almost feeling human again.

3. I enjoyed perusing a new cookbook I bought of meatless African dishes, but my kitchen is not quite equipped to fix the ones that caught my eye and I think cooking from this book might require a trip to one of the international groceries, probably in Adelphi. But, I had rice on hand and black beans and onion and garlic and yellow and orange peppers and the spices, red wine, vinegar, and brown sugar I need to make the simple and always reliably tasty black beans and rice dish we love, so we had it for dinner. I'll try get to work on those other recipes over the next several days.

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