Friday, May 20, 2016

Three Beautiful Things 05/19/16: Remembering Don's Market, Steve Jaynes' Recovery Continues, Busy Weekend Ahead

1.  I spent much of the morning trying to recall memories and details about Don's Market, a grocery store in our neighborhood in Kellogg where I bought baseball cards. learned I was a lousy shoplifter, and occasionally got to sit on a wooden beer crate with my Dad and other neighborhood men while they drank after work beers in the back room. I wrote about Don's Market to fulfill Sibling Assignment #180. It's posted here.

2. I'll use the fact that I wrote Steve Jaynes a card today -- I hope the picture of the Kellogg YMCA will boost his spirits -- as a way to report what I know about his recovery from the torn aorta he suffered.  He's out of Sacred Heart in Spokane and is in rehab in Post Falls at the Northern Idaho Advanced Care Hospital. Scott Stuart has reported having had good conversation with Steve, meaning that his recovery has advanced to the point where he can have conversation, talk about what's going on, and what he remembers about this episode transpiring. Steve expressed to Scott deep gratitude for all the support people have given him and I was also encouraged to know that Steve enjoyed talking with Scott about some of the stuff that we experienced growing up in Kellogg.

3. It's a busy time in our Maryland family life this coming weekend. Hiram is playing with the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday; his brother, Alejandro, is paying a visit; the Deke's cousin Sally is paying us a visit on Saturday; all of these events require grandchild care and some dog sitting.  I think we got it all figured out this evening with Molly and it will all work out.  This is a relief.

(Let me add a note that some of my Eugene friends might appreciate: the conductor and artistic director of the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra is the former Eugene Symphony conductor, Marin Alsop.  When I found out Hiram got this job, the first thing I wondered was whether Alsop would be conducting this program.  The answer is no.)

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