Thursday, May 26, 2016

Three Beautiful Things 05/25/16: Collapsed Stool, Chicken Soup Again, Sweater in my Future

1. There's this stool I sit on to look at things in the refrigerator, and today, while I was making sure some kind of double IPA was going to be available for the Deke after school, the stool broke underneath me and and I, without thinking, grabbed the refrigerator door. I pulled the refrigerator toward me. A few items slid out. Nothing broke. No mess to speak of. I was greatly relieved the refrigerator did not tilt my way so far that it fell on me. I threw the stool in the trash.

2. When Allie was here a week ago, I cooked up a recipe simply called Asian chicken noodle soup. It's not much of a name, but it's a very simple and tasty soup and since I had the ingredients on hand today to make it again, I did -- and, once again, it was very good.

3. The Deke decided she wanted to knit me a maroon sweater and today the yarn arrived and I had no idea she had ordered such soft yarn or that the maroon has black specks in it, making the color deeper and even more interesting.

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