Monday, May 23, 2016

Three Beautiful Things 05/22/16: Reading and Napping, Margaritas and Ichiro, Figuring Out the Upcoming Months BONUS: Mom

1. For much of the afternoon, I did something I enjoy immensely. I lay on the top of our bed. I read a good book, Seabiscuit, in the prone position. I napped, woke up, read some, napped again. I didn't know if I'd ever get off the bed and make more of my day. This lying down and reading and napping seemed to be all I wanted from life today.

2. But, I did a little more. Around 4:00 or so, the Deke and I headed to Colesville to one of our favorite spots, Quench. Quench got a liquor license in the past couple of months and I wasn't feeling like drinking a beer, so I ordered one of their Classic Margaritas and enjoyed it so much that I ordered a second. The Nationals were playing the Marlins on the television and I saw Ichiro stroke the 2,555th hit of his Major League Baseball career. Ichiro pounded out six hits over the weekend, drawing him within 44 hits of the coveted 3,000 hits for his career -- not bad for a guy who didn't play his first MLB game until he was twenty-seven years old.

3. The Deke and I have plans over the next few months to coordinate with the Diazes.  To help nourish ourselves to sit down and begin talking about this coordination, the Deke and I dropped into the Greek Village and picked up a couple of dinners for the two of us and Molly to split -- Hiram would be eating with some orchestra mates in Baltimore after the Baltimore Symphony's matinee. We ate, sat down at the calendar Molly constructed, and got almost everything figured out, a process helped mightily by Hiram's arrival back home.  He's the busiest of all of us with jobs out of town and a tour coming up in October. Our summer plans are beginning to take shape.  Oh! We brought the corgis back home. They were good dogs Saturday and Sunday at the Diazes.  No jailbreaks!

BONUS:  On her trip to the Boise area, today Mom got to visit with her friend since the first grade, Jodi Robinson, and Jodi's daughter (and my lifelong friend), Jeri and then had dinner with her niece, Judy Coomer, and her husband, Jack, and two of Judy and Jack's daughters, Michelle and Angie. Here are a couple of pictures:

Mom and Jodi Robinson

Mom and Judy Coomer

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