Monday, May 16, 2016

Three Beautiful Things 05/15/16: Sleeping In, Cleaning in Peace, Jailbreak Ends with the Corgis Back Home

1. With the corgis enjoying a sleepover with the Deke and Allie and Ana and David (Olivia was on a sleepover of her own in Laurel), I slept until 9:00 this morning. What a great pleasure this was.

2. Without Maggie and Charly attacking the vacuum or scream barking in their crate, I not only vacuumed our apartment home, but I took advantage of my solitude to mop the kitchen and bathroom floors, clean surfaces, and, generally speaking, have our apartment home sparkling.

3. Evidently, Maggie and Charly enjoyed not being cooped up in our apartment home and took advantage of a door in the back of the Diazes being left open and went on their version of the incredible journey together in the local neighborhood. They successfully snuck out, unnoticed.  But, Charly had had enough happy wandering and showed up on the back patio and then the Deke led a search and rescue effort to find Maggie.  With the help of some neighbors, the Deke corralled Maggie and no harm was done. If I had been at the Diazes when the corgis got loose?  Just like the other times Maggie, in particular, has gotten loose in Eugene, Kellogg, and Alexandria, my usual calm and easy going manner would have given way to abject fear. Yeah, from time to time, I wish the corgis would red alert bark a little less in our apartment home; some mornings, around 5:30, I would like them to stop insisting with whining and pushing their noses in my face on being fed; and, yes, I wish they'd stop attacking the vacuum cleaner; but, believe me, I do not want to lose them nor do I in any way want them harmed. I'm really happy and relieved this incident -- their first jailbreak in Maryland, by the way -- had such a happy ending.

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