Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Three Beautiful Things 05/23/16: Inevitable, Awkwardness Averted, Back Safe in Kellogg

1.  The Deke has been waiting for a packet of forms to fill out from a local clinic to arrive in the mail. Each day last week, we checked the mail. The forms didn't come. I volunteered to drive the twenty minutes or so up to Laurel to pick up the packet and so, today, I squeezed myself into the Sube and bolted up to the clinic, secured the packet, and, later, when the Deke and I arrived back at our apartment home, the much anticipated packet was in our mailbox. Inevitable.

2. Well, after I flopped and splashed around until noon at the water aerobics class, I stayed in the pool for a while longer and worked out for about ten or fifteen extra minutes. As I emerged out of the pool, I saw that the woman who often confuses the men's and women's locker rooms was emerging from the hot tub. I strategically hung back, and as she headed toward the locker rooms, then I did, too.  She arrived at the fork in the road -- go right to the women's locker room, left to the men's. Ready to intervene in case she went left again, instead of right, I watched her pause, study the signage, and, to my great relief, stroll into the women's locker room. Awkward moment averted.

3. After school, the Deke and I popped into the Old Line Bistro for a glass of beer and a snack off the Happy Hour grub menu. We didn't want much to eat or drink, but just wanted to hang out for about an hour before heading back to our apartment home. We arrived home and I later just the news I was hoping for came zooming from the heavens into my hand-held texting machine:  Christy, Mom, and Cosette arrived safely back in Kellogg, thus ending their odyssey to Zoe's graduation and back. They stopped at the Clearwater River Casino in Lewiston to meet Lura and Lyle for lunch, and here's a picture of Mom with her niece, Lura Mullikin. (You know, Mom doesn't really look like she's traveled nearly 700 miles over the last few days. She looks fresh, rested, relaxed.)

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