Thursday, May 12, 2016

Three Beautiful Things 05/11/16: Let There Be Toast, Flopping Around with the Noodle, Jeff Steve's Notes on Life

1. This was a banner day in the funny little life I live with the Deke. After nearly nineteen months since we moved to the DC area, we now have a toaster. I bought one at Costco today. Our little apartment home is short on counter and storage space, BUT, back in February we bought some shelves for the kitchen and now we have a place to put the toaster when it's not in use on a counter. So it only took me nearly three months since the Deke constructed the shelving to buy the toaster, but, as the Deke so correctly says,  "You do everything slow."

2. I can feel it. Slowly, I'm getting more limber. I could feel it today as I flopped around in the pool and did a variety of exercises with the noodle. Back home, I watched some videos and read some articles, searching for ways to add to my noodle routine. You know, I'm talking about one of these things:

3. Jeff Steve, over on Facebook, has been posting notes on life and his brief notes have triggered some of my sweet memories of when I used to teach ENG 107 (Survey of World Literature) and the stuff we did in that class with the Tao de Ching and the poetry of Rumi. It's been fun remembering passages about emptiness and mystery and other of life's eternal truths and posting some Lao-tzu or Rumi poetry on Jeff's wall.

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