Saturday, May 7, 2016

Three Beautiful Things 05/06/16: Laundry Done, Mom Feels a Little Crummy, Hiram Fixes Soup Dinner

1.  As I started to get dressed this morning, it struck me that I didn't have that many clothes to choose from and a light went on in my head:  I haven't done laundry for a while. Ha! So, I did some separating and stripped the bed and spent the next few hours getting my laundry done.

2. When we arrived at the Diazes for an after school visit, Molly and Ana were at the store and Olivia was playing at with Ari at her house and David was upstairs sleeping off his bout with an improving respiratory illness. Hiram seemed to be enjoying the quiet. I took advantage of the lull and slipped into the back room the family uses for school, and called Mom. I had tried the day before, but no answer. Today, however, was successful. Mom was tired. She hasn't felt her best the last couple of days, but she had plenty to tell me about, and we had a good talk about the death of our friend Wayne Benson and I learned a little more about what was happening in the days and weeks leading up to when he died earlier this week.

3. Hiram fixed us a delicious dinner of tomato soup and broiled slices of bread covered with grated cheddar cheese. He also served some fried sausage to put in the soup -- it was kind of an experiement, and a successful one. It's been gray and rainy all week here in the D. C. Metropolitan area and a Friday night soup was a perfect way to warm up this dreary and chilly last several days.

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