Monday, May 30, 2016

Three Beautiful Things 05/29/16: Farmers Market/Foot Healing, Zipping Up to Flying Dog, Crispy Eggplant and Big Green Salad

1. After sleeping in until nine o'clock, I wrote on this blog and enjoyed coffee and then Danielle, Camille, and I snapped to it and jumped in the Sube, parked it at Buddy Attick Park, and walked the Greenbelt Lake path until we broke off at the trail leading to Roosevelt Center. We bought fresh vegetables and eggs at the Farmers' Market and a few other food items at the Co-op and walked back along the lake to the Sube. This was a big deal for me. I've been bothered for most of 2016 and a little earlier by nagging pain in my right heel and arch. Over the last two days, between strolling at the National Mall and walking to the Farmers' Market and back today, I logged about 7.5 miles with only the tiniest bit of discomfort. I am very happy about this development and am keeping my fingers crossed that whatever was ailing the bottom of my right foot is close to being healed. The combination of flopping around in the pool and walking does my health a ton of good.

2. The Deke, in an act of pure agape love and generosity, volunteered to stay at the Diazes and look after the children while Hiram played a concert at Wolf Trap so that Molly could join Danielle, Camille, and me for a trip up to Frederick, MD and the gorgeous Flying Dog Brewery. So, around mid-afternoon, the four of us piled into the Sube and whizzed up to the brewery, found a table on the patio, and took a moment to thank God for the 4 ounce pour and the four glass flight of 4 ounce pours. We talked and laughed and told stories for about an hour and a half, sampling Flying Dog's great variety of beer styles. We all agree: most of the time, when drinking a craft beer, four or six ounces is enough -- in fact, Flying Dog doesn't sell pints -- the largest amount of beer they sell is an eight oz. glass. I love this. So, I sampled some old friends at Flying Dog like Ella and the Truth and I enjoyed some beers I'd never tried before such the Numero Uno Summer Cerveza (our server called it a bad ass Corona. I totally agree.), Ancho Lime Paradise Lager, and Berliner Wiesse.  We had a blast. Here you can see a picture Molly took of Camille, Danielle and me. Danielle and I are on one side of the table and Camille is across from us. I'm sorry I don't have a picture of all four of us.

3. In a moment of ingenious impulse, Danielle called in from the Sube to the Noodle King in Silver Spring and ordered Crispy Eggplant and we picked it up and headed back to the Diaz house to rejoin the Deke and dove into the Crispy Eggplant and the huge mixed greens salad the Deke built with the food we purchased earlier in the day.

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