Sunday, May 22, 2016

Three Beautiful Things 05/21/16: Making the Rounds, Sally's Visit, Zoe's Graduation

1. These coupons from Total Wine came in the mail several days ago and today I redeemed them by buying a wide variety of beers. It was a lot of fun shopping for beers I knew the Deke and I already enjoy and picking up some beers we've never tried to further expand our enjoyment. Afterward, in preparation for the Deke's cousin Sally's visit and stay over, I went over to Weis Market to pick up some snacks. I dropped off my purchases at our apartment home, loaded the corgis into the Sube, and rumbled over to the Diazes so that Sally's dog, Lucy, could stay at our place in peace and not have the corgis pester her and scream bark at her just for being around. I concluded my round of errands at MOM's where I picked up a couple of boxes of tomato soup for dinner and loaf of freshly baked and sliced 7 grain bread to have on hand, among a few other things.

2. If Sally was hoping for a quiet, peaceful day of conversation, knitting, slow and steady 6 oz glasses of beer, the running of the Preakness, and a very simple dinner, she came to the right place.  Nothing electric happened today.  We just sat around and enjoyed one another's company and didn't even bother to figure anything out.

3. Throughout the day, dispatches poured in from the graduation ceremony at the College of Idaho. Even though the weather was imperfect, Mom prepared herself well for it and Paul wheeled her to a spot under cover, a great help, and all indications are that the family had a most happy day, proud of Zoe's completion of her degree and delighted to all be together. Here's a picture of Mom and Zoe:

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