Monday, October 3, 2016

Three Beautiful Things 10/02/16: The Wedding is Set, Listening to The Gliders, Meeting Janet and Bill

1.  A few short emails back and forth and I think Scott and Cate and I have everything figured out for the wedding ceremony.  It is a little bit like preparing to put on a play and I'm starting to feel the old theater eagerness to get down to Savannah and have our rehearsal on Saturday the 15th to make sure the parts of the ceremony fit together and that I know where to stand and when. I've never officiated a wedding before so I have some butterflies in my stomach.

2.  Janet and Bill Gilmore lived in Eugene, but moved to Washington, D. C. several years ago. They play in an acoustic band, The Gliders, and The Gliders played at the Roosevelt Center in Greenbelt yesterday afternoon. Molly, the Deke, and the children drove in from Silver Spring and I got a good walk in along Greenbelt Lake and we met up to listen to The Gliders play songs by Tom T. Hall, Lucinda Williams, the Band, Delbert McClinton, and many others.  I enjoyed their playing a lot and relaxed in Greenbelt's public square, letting the music move my thoughts and memories.

3.  I brought back a tin of almonds and a bottle of mineral water from the Co-op and Janet came to me, introduced herself, and invited me to join her and Bill at a table outside the New Deal Cafe.  Until it was time for them to play their second set, we got acquainted -- we had never met -- and talked about Eugene and Washington, D.C. and Kellogg and Montana and beer and being retired. Our conversation, the music, seeing the Deke, Molly, and the grandchildren, walking nearly four miles round trip to the Roosevelt Center and back home again made for a most enjoyable afternoon.

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