Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Three Beautiful Things 10/04/16: Swelling Goes Down, The Complicated Abe, *Presidential* Podcast

Note:  I just realized that I have reached an anniversary.  I began posting on kellogg bloggin' on Oct. 1, 2006 and the post I'm about to write is my 3600th.

1.  I iced my big toe frequently today and it paid off.  By this evening, the swelling had diminished quite a bit and I was walking without impairment.

2. I've been reading A. Lincoln with the Kindle app., but I decided that there are times I'd like to have a hard copy on hand, so I ordered one from the library and picked it up today.  Reading on the Kindle, I hadn't thought much about what a thick book this is -- it's over 800 pages long.  No wonder it's taken me a while to read it.  I enjoy the case White is making for the foundations of Lincoln's personal and political ethos.  I'm understanding better just how complicated and complex Abraham Lincoln was.

3. I was looking at some of my blog posts from last March -- I was researching the history of my big toes! -- and I came across an early reference I made to listening to The Big Listen and that I had noted a podcast project from The Washington Post called Presidential.  Go here for links to all the podcasts -- the most recent is a discussion of Ronald Reagan.  Today I listened to the episodes on Lincoln and James Buchanan and plan to listen to many more.

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