Friday, October 28, 2016

Three Beautiful Things 10/27/16: Decisions, Early Voting, Party at Molly's

1.  I sat down with my voters' pamphlet and spent about an hour or so reading about candidates for the Seventh Circuit Court and the handful of measures on the ballot.  After some deliberation, I arrived at my decisions.

2. I drove about seven miles north to the Beltsville-Laurel Senior Activity Center. Today was the first day of the early voting period in Maryland.  As I turned into the large parking lot of the Senior Center, I felt a sudden surge of happiness. There were no parking spots. This polling place was packed. It wasn't too long before I slipped into a spot a voter vacated.  I got in line and could see this polling place was well-staffed and the line moved along at a good pace.  I loved being in the company of so many other voters, an experience I've always enjoyed. I loved vote by mail in Oregon, but I always missed making the Election Day trip to a polling place and sharing the act of voting with others.

3.  For Father's Day, Molly and Hiram gave me a flight kit -- four small glasses and a wooden tray shaped like a beer bottle.  After dinner, the Deke, Molly, and I had a little beer tasting party, drinking samples out of the flight glasses. As a tribute to the good old days in Eugene, I had purchased a bottle of Ninkasi's N10, their 10th Anniversary Ale, a blend of two Imperial Stouts, two Imperial IPAs, and Barleywine.  We also split a 12 oz bottle of very high ABV bourbon barrel-aged Pumpkin Ale called Pump(KY)n Ale from Avery Brewing of Boulder. The three of us had a fun little party.  (By the way, with about an ounce of the Pumpkin Ale left in my glass, I mixed it with some N10 and the three of us agreed that this hybrid was even better than either of the two beers standing alone.)

Jun 16, 2

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