Monday, October 10, 2016

Three Beautiful Things 10/09/16: Surprise Visit to IHM, U of I Yearbook, Ninkasi at Quench

1.  I was drained today and didn't rally myself to get out and take a walk or to go flop around in the swimming pool. It was the impact of the transplantation conference I went to yesterday. I took in so much information and felt enough anxiety about organs and money that I needed a day of rest today. My day brightened up when I happened upon a link that took me to online copies of the IHM High School in Coeur d'Alene.  It was a Catholic high school that closed in 1971.  A lot of fond memories came back when I found Mary Elizabeth's junior picture.  More memories came back as I  looked at pictures from members of Cd'A's Boy Scout Troop 2, saw old acquaintances at NIC like Tom Soumas and Kevin Roche, and remembered that NIC cheerleaders Gayle and Sue and Debbie all were IHM alums; and then I remembered all the athletes I played baseball and basketball against, or else watched play:  Scott Hurrell, Dave Stockwell, Doug Brown (who I am sure had a brief Little League stint in Kellogg), Jim Valente, Roch Koep, Dan Jacobson and I'm sure there were others.

2.  Somehow, looking at these IHM archives got me to wondering about Bob Emehiser, KHS basketball coach my senior year, who was from Coeur d'Alene (but not IHM), and somehow I landed in an online copy of the 1966 Gem, the yearbook of the University of Idaho.  I found pictures of Bob Emehiser and, as a bonus, pictures of two other members of the U of Idaho Class of '66:  our ninth grade basketball coach, Jim Currie and Bob Dutton, who was the KHS vice-principal our senior year. It was fun looking at pictures and scores from the U of I's football and basketball teams and hearing the voice of play-by-play legend Bob Curtis in my imagination.  It's good to know I can look up these old annuals and remember and relax a bit when I'm feeling run down and anxious.

3. The Deke texted me and wondered if I'd like to meet at Quench.  I sure did.  Once there, I surveyed the tap list and thought I was back in the Whiteaker neighborhood in Eugene again. Three Ninkasi beers were on tap: Beer Run IPA, Helles Belles Lager, and Maiden the Shade IPA.  I'd never tried Beer Run before and so I ordered some, enjoyed it a lot, and the Deke and I talked a lot about growing old and some of the challenges that lie ahead and about how proud we are of Adrienne, Patrick, and Molly.

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