Sunday, October 16, 2016

Three Beautiful Things 10/15/16: New Black Blazer, Free Fried Green Tomatoes, Boohag and Invigoration

1.  I guess, I don't know, I guess I was going back and forth Thursday evening between packing and fixing dinner and I packed my suit jacket, but not the pants.  I discovered this slight oversight when I unpacked Friday afternoon. But, I did pack my black dress slacks, so, this morning after breakfast I trotted down to Savannah's On Time Fashions and purchased a black blazer and now my ensemble is set for the wedding.

2.  I returned to Moon River Brewing for lunch. As I was savoring my Swamp Fox IPA, the kitchen staff brought me an order of fried green tomatoes layered with blue crab salad, but I had ordered Oysters Savannah.  My animated server, Danielle, a great conversationalist, spotted the error before I did, and she comped me the awesome fried green tomatoes and, a little later, served me the oysters I ordered. I don't remember the last time an error turned out to be so delicious (and free!) and, as a bonus, Danielle and I had a great talk about her yearnings to visit or maybe live one day in the Pacific Northwest.

3.  Well, it turns out Sommer also hopes to live in the Pacific Northwest one day.  After the rehearsal dinner, and a really fun conversation with Eugene native Amanda, a bunch of us, including Eugene theater veterans Tom and Parsa, all got together back at Moon River Brewing where I enjoyed their Boohag, a tasty and toasty Black IPA.  Conversation with these guys was really fun, especially some reminiscing about productions we'd been in at LCC.  I also really enjoyed talking with our server, Sommer, who is a photographer, about her pictures and her dreams of moving to the Pacific Northwest, and she gave me her card so I could go to her website and I did and I enjoyed her style of photography, her subjects, and marveled at how very different her way of taking pictures is from anything I've ever done or thought of.

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