Saturday, October 1, 2016

Three Beautiful Things 09/30/16: Misty Walk at the Refuge, Exile Red Ale, Working Class Lit Podcast Dream

1.  After going to the dentist and having a temporary crown replaced with a permanent one and after a trip to the Co-op, I decided to slip into the Sube and tear a short distance north and east to the Patuxent Research Refuge. I took a two mile misty stroll around Cash Lake. I brought my camera, but didn't take any pictures. I simply enjoyed the cool, damp air and the dark parts of the trail that threaded through the woods.

2.  When I was in Kellogg back in July and August, I loved Wallace's City Limits Brew Pub's Sunset Red Ale and, upon returning home, I have been sampling a few very tasty red ales out here in Washington, D. C. and Maryland.  I continued my dive into red ales at the Co-op by purchasing a sixer of Evolution's Exile Red Ale and, before dinner, enjoyed a couple bottles and was struck not only by its sweetness, but by how it transported me back to my ever dimming memories of the pints of bitter I drank in England back in 1979. Evolution Brewing is east of Chesapeake Bay in Salisbury, MD.

3.  Every once in a while, I think it would be fun to be teaching again and that happened tonight.  I was listening to Episode 14, "Road Trippin' Across America", here, of The Big Listen, WAMU-FM's podcast about podcasts.  I loved the interview in this episode with Jessica Lilly, host of the podcast Inside Appalachia, and as I listened to snippets of pieces on coal mine safety, Appalachia hip hop, and a story on strangers taking pictures in Appalachia, and the resentment it causes, I thought about how fun it was to team teach the American Working Class/ENG 122/3 course with Margaret and how I suddenly wanted to go back seven, eight, nine, and more years in time and listen with Margaret to some of Jessica Lilly's radio work and then play pieces for our students.  It would have helped bring Harlan County, USA up to date.

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