Sunday, October 30, 2016

Three Beautiful Things 10/29/16: Grandpa Step Behind, Relaxing Beer and *The Big Listen*, Manhattan Plans

1.  The Deke drove Adrienne to work and I spent over an hour with Jack and Olivia.  I had a little trouble keeping up with them.  Oh my.

2.  I had a relaxing time at Growler and Gill in Nanuet enjoying short glasses of three different beers that were new to me.  I also put in the ear buds and listened to the latest episode of The Big Listen and thought about how two weeks ago I was listening to Lauren Ober in Savannah and sometimes I listen to her show while tooling around in the Sube in the D.C. area and in two weeks I'll be listening to her show in Kellogg. If you'd like to listen to the latest episode, it's right here.

3.  Back at Adrienne's, I made some plans for my excursion into Manhattan tomorrow to wander around a bit and then meet Scott Shirk for some more wandering around and, among other things, to hear about his and Cate's travel in New England after their wedding.

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