Monday, October 24, 2016

Three Beautiful Things 10/23/16: Road Trip to Eastern MD, Mom Continues to Heal, *Goliath*

1.  With the sky blue as a robin's egg, the Deke and I vaulted into the Sube and admired the beauty of Maryland on a drive east, across the Chesapeake Bay, to the towns of Cambridge and Salisbury.  In Cambridge, we went to a riverside park hosting a kite festival and admired the variety of kites; in Salisbury we went to the Evolution Brewing's Public House. I enjoyed a glass of Exile Red Ale and, after I split a bowl of crab soup with the Deke, I ate as perfect an order of fish (cod) and chips as I've every had, and, for dessert, I enjoyed a 4 oz. sampler of their black, toasty, sweet, and dry Russian Imperial Stout simply called, Cathy.  On our way back, we stopped back in Cambridge at RAR Brewing for a half a beer. I tried their Bucktown Brown.  We loved our day of touring Maryland and wrapped it up at the chez Diaz where Molly had fixed a superb meatloaf dinner.

2. While on the road, the Deke read me updates Christy sent me about Mom and everything is moving in the right direction as her infection continues to heal and as she hosted visitors during the day. Christy assured me that even though the picture of the infection looks grisly, it's improving and healing. It was great to know that Mom continues to get better.

3.  The other day at, thanks to a tweet of theirs that intrigued me, I read a review of a new Amazon series, Goliath, featuring Billy Bob Thornton as Billy McBride, a former high-powered lawyer whose life has bottomed out. He lives in a motel room, spends most of his time in a bar, and practices little law. But, a case comes his way that pits him against the powerful law firm he helped form years ago. I watched three episodes tonight and I'm hooked, mainly because I enjoy Thornton's work so much and he's playing a character perfectly suited to his gifts as an actor. If you've read my responses to movies and TV shows in the past, you know that I'm not tough on shows and I had little trouble surrendering myself to the reality of this show, the world it creates, and letting myself get involved in its melodramas and inner workings.

One fun fact:  the title Goliath? Ha! For Billy McBride, the story of David and Goliath doesn't come I Samuel, but from the pregame prayer in the championship game in the movie,  Hoosiers.

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