Thursday, October 27, 2016

Three Beautiful Things 10/26/16: Walking While Waiting, Bourbon Aged 10 Years, *Unlocking Sherlock*

1.  Whenever I need the Sube serviced at the Sunoco station, I never know what time the car will go up on the rack.  I leave it off in the morning, walk the mile and half or so back to our apartment home, and call in later in the day to see if the car is ready.  Today, I called in around noon or so and the person I talked to thought the car was going in pretty soon. So, about 2:00 or so, I didn't call in, but strolled down to the garage and learned the car hadn't gone in, but would be ready about 5:00. No problem, I thought.  I'll go hang out in the library where I turned in three books and paid a 50 cent fine I owed. But, at 2:50, a voice came over the p.a. system announcing the library would close at 3:00 because of construction being done.

So I had two hours on my hands and I decided to walk down to and around Greenbelt Lake, do some gazing, hoping my feet would hold up all right.

They did.

I walked over 15,000 steps, over 7 miles over the course of the day, without pain.

In addition, I learned that the Sube didn't need the tune-up I thought I'd be paying for. It only needed an oil change.  I had a great talk with the mechanic who explained when I'd actually need a tune-up again.

2.  Having saved some money on car work, I decided to have a cup of crab bisque and a house salad at the Old Line Bistro and I tried a pour of the bourbon aged 10 years that had been distilled for Old Line by Smooth Ambler Spirits -- I need to go back to the Old Line liquor store and study the label and learn more about it.  But, here's what I can say -- it was a sweet pour, a kind of brown sugary and vanilla-ish sweetness, followed by a boozy sting that gave me a jolt I really enjoyed.  I pondered the taste of this bourbon for a while -- thinking mostly about how different it is from a pour of peaty or smoky single malt Scotch whiskey. I finished my visit with a small pour of RAR and Hoof Hearted's tasty collaborative Double IPA.

3.  Back at our apartment home, I further relaxed by watching a splendid short documentary, Unlocking Sherlock, that goes behind the scenes with the creators and actors of the BBC/WGBH television production, Sherlock and looks at a bunch of past production of Sherlock Holmes stories, going all the way back to silent movies.  This was a delicious before bed snack, one I'll return to again to enjoy the interviews and the clips of Sherlock Holmes then and now.

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